Santa Fe Restaurant Week

Feb. 20 - March 2


Zacatlán, or "a place of abundance of grass", is a word that derives from the Uto-Aztecan language family. It is also the name of a municipality in Puebla, Mexico. We take inspiration and influence from the origin of the term. Yet, our cuisine is not limited by this, we appreciate several traditional influences from Mexico. Our goal is to introduce Santa Fe to new and original flavors. Zacatlán Restaurant delivers a fusion of Mexican and Southwestern cuisine. Owner and chef Eduardo Rodriguez has created various gastronomic wonders. With 25+ years of experience, chef Rodriguez has become a well known chef in Santa Fe. Ever since he fell in love with the art of culinary creation, he has desired to open his own kitchen. In June 2023, Zacatlán will have been open for three years. Many people say it is a young restaurant with ambition, and they aren't wrong. In just two years, Zacatlán made the semi-finalist nominee list of the James Beard Award(2022) for best new restaurant in the country. Also, it made the Today's Reader Choice top 10 list of best new restaurant in the country(2020). Chef Rodriguez and the Zacatlán team continue to strive for more success. We hold a passion for our origin that we interpret to the community of Santa Fe through our food and service. All guests are welcome to visit Zacatlán!

Date_add  This restaurant accepts reservations during Restaurant Week.

Dinner Menu

$60 per person


317 Aztec Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 780-5174


Mexican & Southwestern